About the product

Your personal coding assistant

MappingGenerator was initially created as a design time alternative to AutoMapper. Now it is evolving into a coding assistant to whom you can delegate the most mundane coding tasks:

  • Generate mappings
  • Generate explicit conversions
  • Implement cloning
  • Generate projection expressions
  • Scaffold method invocations
  • Scaffold object creations
  • Clean-up method invocations
  • Facilitate ILogger usage
Become an effective developer

Type less, focus on what's important!

Premium Features

Unleash the true productivity with Premium features

MappingGenerator started as Free OpenSource Software and all functionality created during that period stays free to use. However, with paid license you get access to much richer set of functionalities.

Mapping options

Control the mapping code shape with dedicated UI settings panel.

Instant preview

Experiment with different mapping options and see the effect immediately in preview box.

Expression projection

Generate implementation for fields representing mapping projections.

Mapping interfaces

Define interface with a set of mapping methods and generate implementation with a single run.

Extra converters

Even less typing with specialized converters that adjust the sides of mappings.

More matching rules

Get even more mapping matches for divergent models with type flattening and congruent matching rules.

Product Demo

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Maintainable Codebase

Design time mappings for the win!

MappingGenerator creates mapping code in design time. This approach has several advantages over the popular runtime mappings.

Runtime mappings:

  • Misleading static analysis
  • Helpless code navigation
  • Broken code organization
  • Hard to debug

Design time mappings:

  • Easy to adjust
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to review
  • Easy to debug
  • No runtime surprises

Users Feedback

MappingGenerator was very positively rated (5/5) in the official VisualStudio marketplace with over 13k downloads. It also gained a lot popularity on Github (over 950+ stars) with lots of positive comments

Pricing options

Choose the paid license and boost your productivity with premium features.

If you still hesitate, you can start with the free version and taste some of the premium features.

* - Net price, for some locations taxes may be added based on your country tax rules.

Not sure which license option to chose? What's the difference between "Personal" and "Enterprise"? Please check the FAQ section.

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Frequently asked questions

In case of any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out via Contact form.

How can I buy the license?

Just go to the "Pricing" section, select the license of your choosing and click "Buy". After the purchase, you will receive a text file with instruction on how to activate received license key. MappingGenerator installer can be downloaded from the official Visual Studio Marketplace

What can I get with paid license?

After activating the license key, you get access to all premium features like: UI panel with mapping configuration and preview, extra type converters, additional matching rules, mapping interface implementor, and more. All new features will be released as premium. You are also eligible for free upgrades for the period of one year from the activation date.

What IDEs are supported?

The Free version of MappingGenerator works with VisualStudio (2017, 2019, 2022), VSCode and Rider. However, the premium version currently supports only VisualStudio (2017, 2019 2022) and JetBrains Rider (only Windows OS). I'm planning to extend it to other IDEs depending on the platform possibilities and the market demand. If you are interested in a specific IDE, please let me know via Contact form. Before you decide to buy MappingGenerator Pro license as the JetBrains Rider user, please read this note carefully.

My license expired, what can I do?

If you want to keep all updates that you got in the meantime and you are interested in new features, you can upgrade your license for next year for 50% of the price at the time of the upgrade, using "Upgrade" discount code. Otherwise, you need to downgrade MappingGenerator to the version for which the license was registered and disable automatic updates.

What is the difference between Personal and Enterprise license?

Personal license is for private users, freelancers, self-employed individuals and non-profit organizations volunteers. It allows for non-commercial as well as commercial usage. It can be used on any number of computers, but only by the person who bought the license. Enterprise license works in a similar way but it is intended for companies. A company is not allowed to buy a Personal license. Enterprise license needs to be purchased for each developer who is going to use MappingGenerator. Single license key cannot be shared but can be moved between developers after obtaining individual consent from the MappingGenerator author.

I want to change something in MappingGenerator, how to report it?

If you found a bug or you have an idea for a new feature, you can report it by raising an issue via MappingGenerator Issue Tracker. You can also try to find an answer in the original MappingGenerator repository.

I need a VAT invoice, how can I get it?

After you purchase the license key, you will get a confirmation email with a link to a website where you can generate your invoice document - there will be a form for providing your company data. You can also provide your company VAT number during the checkout to automatically remove the VAT (for EU companies).

Where can I find the License Agreement?

The complete text of End User Licence Agreement of is available here. You will also receive a file with your own copy of License Agreement after purchasing the license key.

Type converters

Even less typing with type converters

Sometimes both sides of mapping expression have different semantic which results in invalid code. MappingGenerator mitigates that issue by generating type conversions with type converters:

Free converters

  • Object to object
  • Object to string
  • Object to simple value
  • Collection to collection

Premium converters

  • String parsing converter
  • Enum to enum converter
  • DataReader to object
  • Object to dictionary
  • Dictionary to object
  • Dictionary to dictionary
  • Dictionary to collection
  • Collection to dictionary
  • Existing instance converters
  • Existing static converters
Why choose our product

Get full control over the shape of mapping code

The paid version of MappingGenerator provides a dedicated UI control panel that allows controlling different aspects of the generated code. Thanks to that you can adjust it to your needs even easier and faster.

Avoid code duplication with auto-extracted methods.

Reuse existing methods for sub-mappings and conversions.

Use more aggressive matching rules.

Choose expressions order.

Easily detect unmapped fields.


Instant gratifications

Install MappingGenerator today, activate the license, and start reaping benefits from the first usage.

Time saver

Faster scaffolding of mundane parts.

Less typing

No need to buy super ergonomic keyboard anymore.

No distraction

Now you can fully focus on real programming.

Maintainable codebase

Create code that is easy to change, understand, review and debug.

No runtime surprises

Take leverage of the static analysis and validate mappings in design time.

Need Help

Contact with the author

If you have any questions regarding the MappingGenerator functionality, supported IDEs or licensing models, please let me know. Any feedback is welcome as well :)

Do you need a license pack for your whole team or organization? Please let me know your needs and I will prepare a custom quote for you.

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